What do you do when your offers for help are not being acknowledged?

Do you go out of your way to make others realise that they need your help?

Or do you true a little bit and then shrug away?

Or do you just shrug it off — “it ain’t my loss, anyway?

I am in that position. And to be honest, I am not too sure of what to do.

I have once been called out for my “messianic, superhero complex” by an executive coach. I have also been called by one teammate who resigned as being a “know-it-all”. I am also a little scared of being branded a “mansplainer” by my female colleagues.

But they are in deep — well — doodoo. And I don’t think they see the next steps as clearly as I do. (I know: know-it-all messiah.)

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


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