Vision with action

Vision without action

Having a vision is great.  Sharing them with others — and getting others to share and participate in that same vision — are great. However, some visionaries stumble when they fail to translate that vision into actual, tangible strategies and steps.  They — the keepers of the vision — remain immersed in what could be that they forget to plan what needs to be done so what could be will be.

Why these visionaries don’t succeed is simple: they failed to put actions to their vision.

Then there are those who are so immersed in the doing of things.  They are mired in the long list of next steps, deadlines, project plans, to-do lists, RASCI matrices, and Gantt charts.  They are so, fully, and solely involved in the actual doing of things that they forget why they are doing these things in the first place.

Why these doers fail to realize the vision is largely because they lose sight of the reason the big picture.

Then there are those who have a sense of balance between vision and action — who have gone through, perhaps, the exercise VOGSMs (Vision, Objectives, Goals, Strategies, and Measures), VMOKRAPI (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Key Result Areas, Performance Indicataor) and SPATRES (Strategy, Programs, Activities, Tasks, Results) to ensure that the vision becomes a reality in some defined time period.

While they have a higher chance of succeeding than the 100%-visionaries and the solely-doers because they been able to balance vision with action, they may still fail.

Because of the people around them.

Because they have failed to enroll the people around them to believe, imbibe, buy into the vision and participate in the necessary actions to realize the vision.

Shared vision, shared action.  

I think that is the crucial to realizing visions.

To enroll others to have a single, unified view of a potentially great future.
And to enjoin others to participate in the achievement and realization of that future.

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